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Based on extensive experience in quality management in certification and accreditation sectors and the agri-business, the Organic Services team has developed a unique set of services for certification and accreditation bodies, producer groups, producer marketing organizations and food processors. Organic Services offers advice on how to find, customize and implement software. In this field Organic Services closely cooperates with Intact Consult GmbH and activeIT GmbH.

Check Organic

A real-time worldwide source of certification data. An information hub for increasing transparency and organic integrity along the supply chain.

Check Organic complements organic certification schemes, as well as companies’ sourcing and quality assurance systems. read more

Group Integrity

Organic Services presents a new software tool for grower group certification. read more


internal audits, external inspection, certification and accreditation

Ecert® is a modularly designed, multi-lingual software for inspection, certification and accreditation bodies.  read more


traceability across the supply chain

Flowweb® is a web-based software system developed to track and trace single batches along the chain of custody. read more

transparency and quality management in the agro and food industry

Nutriweb® documents agricultural production until the quality assessment at the first processing unit according to internal or external quality requirements.  read more

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