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We continuously observe market developments and trends. Over the years, we gained extensive knowledge about the global organic market, sustainability subjects and quality management. On request, we will compile up to date presentations on various topics tailored on your target group.

BIOFACH/ Vivaness Congress 2018

This year, Organic Services will present two congress events:

Blockchain and other innovative solutions for fighting food fraud in supply chains

February 14th, 3:00 - 4:30 pm, in Kopenhagen room, NCC East

The organic brand is based on a process definition that includes all actors along the supply chain from farm to fork. Regulations, accreditation and certification systems are well defined and applied. Still there is fraud. Be it conventional commodities fraudulent certificates and else. The session will present innovative solutions for fighting fraud beyond regulations.

Global Organic Supply Chain Integrity. A Fishbowl Discussion

February 15th, 2:00 - 3:30 pm, room Kiew, NCC East

As the global organic market continues to grow in size and complexity so does the possibility for fraud. Preventing fraud is paramount to ensure the organic movement continues to flourish. This participatory session will engage experts and audience to share ideas on how to prevent fraud in organic supply chains.

BIOFACH 2018 Exhibitor Presentations

At BIOFACH 2018, Organic Services will host three exhibitor presentations:

How to keep up with global certifiers - local certifiers need to professionalize

February 16th, 10:00 - 10:45 am, room Prague, NCC East

Local certifiers are challenged to keep up with international service level. ‘Ecert Basic’ provides a professional tool which is used to capture all processes and data of the certification workflow. On-/ and offline tools are significantly improving efficiency and accuracy. Connect with the organic world, cost and time effective supported by online training, videos and helpdesk.

Professional ICS administration and compliance management for smallholder groups

February 16th, 11:00 - 11:45 am, room Budapest, NCC East

Smallholders lack targeted tools. Going organic, fair or other, they are overwhelmed by rules and bureaucracy. To manage that, Group Integrity was developed. It is based on a structured workflow. Online training, videos and helpdesk guarantee support. It includes internal process management, on-/and offline tools, prep for external certification, non-conformity management, flow of goods and more.

Check Organic - the solution for fighting fraud in supply chains

February 16th, 1:00 - 1:45 pm, room Prague, NCC East

All recent grain frauds could have been prevented with Check Organic. An approved solution, ready to use. It is easy to apply and comes at a low cost given the amount of grain and olive oil traded all over the globe. Whether applied at single company, for protecting geographic origin or at national, regional and sector level, e.g. feed, it strengthens efforts to protect the organic brand.

BIOFACH/ Vivaness Congress 2017

It is a good tradition that Organic Services contributes to the BIOFACH Congress Programme. For 2017 the organisers accepted two proposals.

Accreditation of organic certifiers - Systems, experiences and risk-oriented surveillance

For the first time at BIOFACH 2017 a session discussed topics on ‘Accreditation’. Presenters focused on their activities but looked beyond to cooperation, needed harmonisation of various levels of accreditation whether private or public and made proposals of areas that need change and improvement. Please find here the presentations of Paul Axmann, Institute for organic farming BMLFUW AustriaLars Crail, USDA Agricultural Marketing ServiceDavid Crucefix, IOAS and Wolfram Hartmann, DAkkS.

Beyond certification - safeguarding supply chain integrity

The second session looked at efforts of safeguarding supply chain integrity from farmer to company level. Challenges were discussed, but also appropriate solutions provided. Unfortunately the company presentation was not released for publication. Please find the presentations of Joseph Sunil, PDS Organic Spices, Roberto Pinton, Federbio, and Frank Gerriets, Organic Services.

BIOFACH 2017 Exhibitor Presentations

Organic Services organized two exhibitor presentations at BIOFACH 2017. Both events brought together several speakers from different businesses and different parts of the world.

Compliance Management - Internal and 3rd Party

Following an Introduction of the Group Integrity and Ecert Basic Software by Organic Services, three different companies provided their stories: the unique business challenges they faced, the introduction of Group Integrity/ Ecert Basic to overcome these challenges and the current application of the software in their businesses. Please find here the presentations of Javier Montanez, Organic Services, of Osvaldo Castro of Sindan Organics, Sunil Joseph of PDS Organic Spices and Mustafa Akyuz of ETKO.

Integrity management - perspectives of supply chain actors

The presentation on Check Organic as a cloud-based integrity management solution brought together four examples of succesful implementation of Check X, a certifier, a company, a national sector, and a label for protected origin. Please find here the presentations of Annette Sutter, Organic Services, Mustafa Akyüz, ETKO, Gianluca Mazza, Federbio Organic Integrity Platform and Mario Gabler, Bioland Markt GmbH. 

BIOFACH Congress 2015

Improving supply-chain integrity

Gerald A. Herrmann, Organic Services GmbH


Facilitation of Grower Group Management

Frank Gerriets, Organic Services GmbH


Organic Symposium, Bangkok, July 25, 2014

Presentation by Gerald A. Herrmann on "The global organic market, access requirements and organic guarantee"

2nd International Conference on Trade and Market Development of Organic Products, Tehran, Iran, May 11,2014

Presentation by Mildred Steidle:

"How to best design a developing country's organic system to allow for global market access"

Presentation by Gerald A. Herrmann:

"The global organic market - characteristics and trends"

BioFish Forum, Seafood Expo Global, Brussels, May 7, 2014

Organic Services and Naturland jointly organized  the BioFish Forum. 

Presentation by Udo Censkowsky on "Global market data and trends for the organic shrimp production and market 2013".

BIOFACH Congress, Nuremberg, February 12-15, 2014

Organic Services participated in various sessions during BIOFACH congress.

Organic Integrity and quality management
Gerald A. Herrmann, Organic Services GmbH, Germany


Strengthening of farmer groups for better market success
Frank Gerriets, Lea Michalczik, Melina Armijo, Organic Services GmbH, Germany


Sustainable Biogas Production on organic farms
Gerald A. Herrmann, Organic Services GmbH, Germany


Anuga 2013, Köln, October 7, 2013

Organization of and presentation at a seminar about Organic Integrity

Presentation by Frank Gerriets on "Organic Integrity - linking supply chains with certification data"

Presentation by Roberto Pinton, Federbio on "Organic Integrity at Federbio"

SANA, Bologna, September 9, 2011

Presentation by Gerald A. Herrman on "Il mercato biologico globale: quali opportunità per l‘Italia"

7. Deutscher Kosmetik Kongress, Cologne, September 1, 2011

Presentation by Gerald A. Herrman on "Rohstoffeinkauf mit Biozertifikat"

Ecologji Izmir, May 14, 2011

Presentation by Gerald A. Herrman on "The global organic market"

Organic Marketing Forum, Warsaw May 6, 2010

Presentation by Udo Censkowsky on "Global Organic Aquaculture: Regulatory System-Production-Markets", Warsaw, Poland, May 6, 2010 (3.09 MB)

Symposium on biodiversity in the financial sector

UNEP FI / VfU / GNF Tagung zu Biodiversität und Finanzsektor
25.6.2009, Augsburg, Germany

presentation (in German)

16th IFOAM Organic World Conress, 16-20 June 2008, Modena (Italy)

At the 16th IFOAM Organic World Congress it was presented among others how open IT platforms can be organized to cover requirements regarding traceability through the product chain.

Presentation Organic Services, Frank Gerriets: "Data Streams of Product Chains need advanced and open IT technology to provide information for traceability and quality management"
- presentation
- abstract

1st IFOAM Conference on Marketing of Organic and Regional Values, 26.-28.08.2007, Schwäbisch-Hall (Germany)

At the 1st IFOAM Conference on Organic and Regional Values it was presented among others how consumer communication can be facilitated by advanced software solutions.

Organic Services: "Different solutions for consumer communication", Frank Gerriets.

Please see congress proceedings at

1st IFOAM Certification Conference, 15.-17.11.2006, Rome

At the 1st IFOAM Certification Conference it was presented among others how quality assurance and traceability can be facilitated with advanced software tools

Austria Bio Garantie and Arge Bioregionen: "Quality assurance in organic agriculture through improved cooperation between trade and certification: A new approach", Josef Ritt und Heidi Kottnig

bio.inspecta "Increasing efficiency in internal procedures through e-Cert", Frank Rumpe

2nd MPOA Seminar (Malaysian Palm Oil Association)

The palm oil industrie is discussing issues of sustainability in the production. At 2nd MPOA Seminar of the Malaysian Palm Oil Association Organic Services was invited to present a paper about software tools which facilitate quality management and traceability.

Paper 8 "Advanced Software Tools for Palm Oil Industry", 15.05.2006, Kuala Lumpur (1,2 MB)