Monday, 21. January 2013
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the Colombian food and textile sector

Jörn Berger runs CSR seminars in Medellín, Colombia on behalf of Proexport.


Proexport draws increasing attention towards CSR and supports exporters in the understanding of CSR issues and their importance for international market access. A seminar about market requirements was held with 66 participants mainly from the food sector in Medellín. Subsequently 15 participants were supported in planning their individual implementation in a two day workshop complemented by two days of direct consultation visits at individual companies in the region. The next seminar will focus on the textile sector to understand the change towards sustainability and involved chances for high quality products.

November 19 - November 23 2012 Medellín, Colombia: Jörn Berger runs CSR pilot seminar for the food sector on behalf of Proexport, along with implementation trainings and individual company consulting.

January 04 – January 08 2013 Ibagué, Colombia: CSR seminar for the textile sector on behalf of Proexport in collaboration with Tolima Chamber of Commerce, along with implementation trainings and individual company consulting.

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